My Parents’ 25 Anniversary Party

Over the summer, August 2016, my parents where planning a 25th anniversary party. I was their thirteen year old son who was expected to follow various instructions vary closely. The party took place in Terrou Bi; a five star hotel located just at the cost of Dakar, Senegal. We had lots of friends and family members from all around. My Uncle David from Chicago with his three daughters, My aunt from Congo with her son and daughter, and much, much more. I was forced to where a bright white suit that day. I was also performing. My mom was singing a song she wrote and I composed the music for the song. Lots of good food and a good number of nice people.

3 thoughts on “My Parents’ 25 Anniversary Party

  1. belindaisd21 says:

    Moses, I liked how you are able to make things brief although you still make them sound like they are actually longer. It was a really nice way to just summarize a day that is actually quite important.

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