My Dream Future In Lyrics SBC4

I gonna be alone, no wife or kids
Not a big mansion, just a condo or a crib
Damascus, Maryland is the town I wish to live
L.E.Ds all over my house with the music to keep it lit

I do not need a break ’cause I’m always vacation
I’m always in front of my game, no need for me to be racing
I’m walking on you all while everyone is pacing
Treat everyone like bosses ’cause I’m slaying

That’s my gaming ego I’m just playing
Sometimes that thinking in your mind can be weighing
Back to the topic, wait, what was I saying?
Oh yeah,my future with YouTube and making music is waiting

2 thoughts on “My Dream Future In Lyrics SBC4

  1. Barbara Paciotti says:

    Love your Dream Future lyrics! You are well on your way to a bright future in writing. Do you have a YouTube presence yet?

    I’ve been chosen as your blogging mentor this year. I’ve blogged many years as a middle school librarian, so if you have any questions about blogging, just let me know.
    Ms. P. from Dallas TX USA

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